February 5 2016

Simple task managers

I’m a list person and most of my projects — work or private — starts with a list.

Heavy task managers like Omnifocus and Things have always seemed counter intuitive to me. Using the apps is a project in it self and only makes me less productive.

But finding one perfect app for all my lists and notes has been difficult. So I ended up using a combination of apps — all with their own niche.



Very minimal, basically a text editor with a simple syntax for making lists, headlines, tags and marking stuff as done. Files are just .txt and can be edited outside of TaskPaper too. It manages to be really simple and really versatile at the same time.

The stable version hasn’t been updated for years but there is a preview version available of the next major release.

Taskpaper web site



This famous iOS app uses a gesture based navigation and is really fast once you get the hang of it. Great for grocery lists and quick, one handed input. But the Mac app is less intuitive and many of the gestures feels unnatural to me on a trackpad.

Clear web site


iA Writer

A markdown text editor which I mainly used for longer texts like meeting notes and such. An usp for iA Writer is how few but well implemented features it has — it just works like you expect it to. But now and then new stuff finds its way in to the app, like the recent addition of checklists. This makes iA Writer a more powerful all around solution for me, and might replace both TaskPaper and Clear. This is the best compromise of simplicity and versatility I have found so far.

And it looks really cool in night mode with syntax colours on!

iA Writer web site

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